[tex-live] Installing Tex-Live on a Windows 10 computer

London Lowmanstone lowmanstone at college.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 11 03:13:23 CEST 2018

Hello tex-live,

I am trying to install Tex-Live on a Windows 10 computer, but am running
into a very specific error that has been described online on
tex.stackexchange <https://tex.stackexchange.com/q/445086>.

For our homework, it would be helpful if I could compile LaTeX documents
locally on my computer, and I was hoping to use Tex-Live to do that.

Do you have any tips as to how to get Tex-Live up and running? I mainly
wanted to make sure that you knew that the post on stack exchange existed
and that it is still a problem for some users.

Any assistance (either via that link or in response to this email) would be

Thank you,
lowmanstone at college.harvard.edu
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