[tex-live] Installing Tex-Live on a Windows 10 computer

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 10:49:29 CEST 2018


did the installer manage to create c:\texlive\2018\texmf-dist? If not, it
is a permission problem. In such a case you should create c:\texlive as
administrator and allow write access to an ordinary user. Another problem
can be caused by an antivirus, some antivirus programs block TL
installation. If this is the case, you would have to disable antivirus
temporarily, but personally I would frst try existence of
c:\texlive\2018\texmf-dist and untarring a file manually as suggested by

Zdeněk Wagner

út 11. 9. 2018 v 7:52 odesílatel Uwe Ziegenhagen <ziegenhagen at gmail.com>

> Kann you try and see if there a) is a file
>  C:\Users\fewr\AppData\Local\Temp\NzH1K9lEZQ\IZqygHcgBk/12many.tar
> and untar it manually?
> Do you have your own tar in the path, maybe you install cygwin or the Windows Linux stack? If so remove thepath to this tar manually from the PATH and run the installation again.
> Uwe
> Am Di., 11. Sep. 2018 um 03:39 Uhr schrieb London Lowmanstone <
> lowmanstone at college.harvard.edu>:
>> Hello tex-live,
>> I am trying to install Tex-Live on a Windows 10 computer, but am running
>> into a very specific error that has been described online on
>> tex.stackexchange <https://tex.stackexchange.com/q/445086>.
>> For our homework, it would be helpful if I could compile LaTeX documents
>> locally on my computer, and I was hoping to use Tex-Live to do that.
>> Do you have any tips as to how to get Tex-Live up and running? I mainly
>> wanted to make sure that you knew that the post on stack exchange existed
>> and that it is still a problem for some users.
>> Any assistance (either via that link or in response to this email) would
>> be appreciated.
>> Thank you,
>> lowmanstone at college.harvard.edu
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> Dr. Uwe Ziegenhagen
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> <http://www.uweziegenhagen.de>
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