[tex-live] ICC profiles for PDF/A compliance

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Sep 14 03:26:17 CEST 2018

Dear Peter, dear all,

> sRGB.iccprofile.xml
> sRGB.icc
> FOGRA39L_coated.iccprofile.xml
> FOGRA39L_coated.icc

Thanks a lot.

BUT ...

I was pointed in private by a pdfx user to
which gives a *very* detailed and interesting comparison, though
slightly dated (2012/2015) of different sRGB color profiles, and argues
strongly in favor of the Argyllcms sRGB profile as being the one closest
to the specification with the best properties.

The original mail to me also contained the following statement
> Regarding other sRGB profiles, there are some that are also close to the
> specification, but there are others that have got a different white
> point, a different tone response curve or a different black point.
> Please try to avoid the latter.

The file contained in the argyll-ref package in Debian is

The discussion at the above mentioned web site - although I couldn't
check all the details - makes me somehow tempted to use the sRGB from

Peter, what is your opinion on this?



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