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Boris Veytsman borisv at lk.net
Wed Sep 19 16:52:32 CEST 2018

GNW> From: "George N. White III" <gnwiii at gmail.com>
GNW> Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2018 06:37:00 -0300

GNW> You have to buy a new DVD every year.    USB flash drives could be
GNW> returned for updating.   Local user groups could do this with disk to
GNW> disk copying.

The cost of this option is astronomical

I would, however, support making a limited edition of TL USBs with
beautiful logos for special purposes: gifts, prizes, promotional
materials etc.  Not as a substitute for our regular mass-produced
DVDs, but as a complement for special purposes.  And I would support
sending them to those members who opt to pay for them.  Maybe we could
even make a profit if USBs are beautiful enough to be collectible
(= capable to be sold at higher prices).

Good luck


BOFH excuse #51:

Cosmic ray particles crashed through the hard disk platter

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