[tex-live] cygwin64 pdftex and luatex non function after todays update

Ken Brown kbrow1i at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 14:15:53 CEST 2018

On 9/26/2018 7:48 AM, David Carlisle wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Sep 2018 at 12:36, Ken Brown <kbrow1i at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> Is your Cygwin installation up to date?  In particular, do you have cygwin-2.11.1-1?
> I was scared someone would ask that:-)
> $ uname --all
> CYGWIN_NT-10.0 dc-bantham 2.9.0(0.318/5/3) 2017-09-12 10:18 x86_64 Cygwin
> so I suppose 2.9.0 != 2.11.1
> I could update (I suppose, I hope the rest of my working environment
> doesn't break) or do you want me to test anything before I update?

I would strongly recommend updating.  If you want to confirm that that's the 
issue before doing it, you could try

   strace ./pdftex.exe

If my guess is right, you'll probably get a pop-up saying that the entry point 
of some function can't be found.  "Some function" here would be a function that 
exists in cygwin-2.11.1 but not cygwin-2.9.0.

I have to leave now and probably won't be reachable again for the next 7 or 8 hours.


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