Getting object number in dvipdfmx from bann

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at
Wed Apr 10 11:10:52 CEST 2019

Hello all,

(Asking here as I'm not sure where is better ...)

In pdfTeX, when one creates a link using \pdfstartlink or a generic 
annotation using \pdfannot, the resulting object number can be accessed 
as \pdflastlink or \pdflasdtannot, respectively. However, in dvipdfmx, 
we can create link annotations using pdf:bann but there is no mention of 
getting at the object number. One could use the generic pdf:ann <object 
name> to work around this, but that seems a bit risky (dvipdfmx can't 
track the annotation begin/end), and painful. Is there a way to get at 
this data?

(In dvips all links have to be created as generic annotations, so again 
one can get at the information. So it seems dvipdfmx is the most awkward 



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