mptopdf output file not numbered.

Karl Berry karl at
Sun Dec 15 00:09:51 CET 2019

Andreas, do you understand what the purported patch is supposed to be

If I create a file with two characters in it, your version
creates output files which have the "two" trimmed off: is converted to dot-0.pdf + dot-1.pdf

whereas the existing (the one now in
texmf-dist/scripts/context/perl/ and that was distributed in
TL19, etc.), does it correctly: is converted to +

So that is not a win.

That script sure tri
Meanwhile, as far as your r53115 commit goes:


Everything under linked_scripts/ is intended to be slave copies of the
corresponding files in texmf-dist, mostly under
texmf-dist/scripts. (Also, in particular is in turn intended
to be a slave copy of the original in ConTeXt.)  I've copied it over, again.


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