Windows 7/8.1 missing curl [ctanbib]

Roland Brickl bricklroland at
Sun Dec 22 06:45:49 CET 2019


from the changelog of package ctanbib:

>2019-05-04  Use the curlcommand to download the package info
 >2019-05-04 Added information about the need to have thecurlcommand 

Even when curl is included on newer [1] Windows 10 builds, it's not for 
Windows 7 and 8.1.

I used the current offical version from [2] of curl.
Not so important, but with

 >ctanbib -v
 >ctanbib version 0.1d
 >C:\texlive\2019\bin\win32\runscript.tlu:911: command failed with exit 
code 1:
 >texlua c:\texlive\2019\texmf-dist\scripts\ctanbib\ctanbib -v

This error also occurs with the switch -h, for help, without a package name.



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