Suggested feature: Portable document archive

Roland Brickl bricklroland at
Sun Dec 29 19:13:06 CET 2019

Hi Simon,

Am 27.12.2019 um 21:35 schrieb Simon Heisterkamp:
> The MS Word .docx format is actually a zip archive with xml files and 
> folders for resources such as pictures. The idea here is to do the 
> same for .tex sources.
> Call the archive something like .pta (portable Tex archive), and 
> support creating, opening editing and typesetting this file directly 
> from MikTeX (and tex-live).
> Proposed properties:
> * a zip archive with all sources necessary to typeset a TeX document.
> * archive can contain non-standard dependencies, i.e. packages,
> pictures, styles.
> * archive can contain the typeset pdf document. Costs extra size
> file, but gains accessibility. This makes it very easy to write
> “viewer” applications for every conceivable system out there -
> they simply pull the pdf out of the archive
Thought about before? When someone do such 
a project, it would be good to use existing parts.
You only need some code, to extract the saved files of that pdf.
It would be be more a project for LxY.


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