context update in TeX Live

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Feb 25 00:40:18 CET 2019

    Just guessing: the timestamp might have been increased in TeX Live

I know of nothing on the TL side that would have automatically changed a
timestamp specified as in texmfcnf.lua.

    Karl made some script a while ago that's able
    to automatically update ConTeXt in TeX Live, 

Yes. It downloads  The code
that moves stuff around is mostly in tlpkg/libexec/ctan2tds. The upshot
being that our usual "ctan2tl context" is what's intended to work to
import context, as for any package.

texmfcnf.lua is not in the zip, and therefore not updated by this
process. So far as I know, it is only ever updated by hand. I only
remember incrementing the year (e.g., 2017->2018) in TEXMFCONFIG there.

If/when real changes are needed (after the freeze I guess), one of you
ConTeXters will need to do it.

    freeze did not even happen yet.

Correct. --thanks, karl.

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