last build of tl18 tonight

Ulrike Fischer news3 at
Thu Feb 28 18:33:01 CET 2019

Am Thu, 28 Feb 2019 23:46:47 +0900 schrieb Norbert Preining:

> Sorry, this is a pain indeed, and I agree that the luaotfload update
> should have been better timed or better tested, but that is life.

It was tested and we knew that microtype will errors. But the
previous luaotfload version contained a severe bug (letterspacing
was completly broken) and we didn't want to leave this in the frozen

While the microtype error is a nuisance, the work-around is at least
easy: load luatexbase. 

> I don't think we can easily update tlnet to fix this chaos. And anyway,
> there is no microtype update available ...

I wrote the author, but didn't get an answer yet.

> @Karl The only option if at all possible is to *manually* create a new
> microtype .tar.xz, and update the tlpdb with a revision+1 for microtype,
> and do the signing etc manually. *IF* we want to do this, let me know.

Well if you want to do an emergency update, I would suggest to
comment this line in microtype.lua:

    microtype.warning("overwriting function `keepligature'")

should get:

    -- microtype.warning("overwriting function `keepligature'")

Ulrike Fischer

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