tlmgr dump-tlpdb question

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at
Sat Dec 19 20:21:20 CET 2020

Hi Norbert and Karl,

In the past, I think tlmgr's dump-tlpdb action sent the name of the
mirror to stdout as the first line, and I was using this in TeX Live
Utility. The command looks something like this, although in actual use I
pipe it to my python tlpdb parser:

tlmgr --repository --machine-readable dump-tlpdb --remote > /tmp/utah.tlpdb

Looking at my parser code, it seems the first line of output for a
remote mirror used to be

location-url <tab character> http://....

I'll have to keep digging in my code to see if I really needed this, or
if it was just a belt-and-suspenders thing, but it strikes me as
something generally useful if you're using the multiplexor. I see the URL
is now written to stderr, but I prefer not to parse tlmgr's stderr for
pretty obvious reasons :-).


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