Maximilian Nöthe maximilian.noethe at
Fri Oct 9 12:16:53 CEST 2020

Hi all,

I have another set of missing dependencies:

koma: xpatch
circuitikz: xstring
mathtools: mleftright
threeparttable: tabulary, tabu
tabu: varwidth
verbatim: environ
environ: trimspaces
tikz-feynman: pgfopts

Would be great if those could be included.


On 02.12.19 13:44, Maximilian Nöthe wrote:
> And stringenc for hyperref
> On 02.12.19 13:39, Maximilian Nöthe wrote:
>> Seems kvoptions is also missing for rerunfilecheck
>> On 25.11.19 15:49, David Carlisle wrote:
>>> Sorry about that, splitting up the oberdiek  bundle has a chance of
>>> having that effect on people making minimal texlive installations (it
>>> broke some of the overnight latex3 tests on travis CI for the same
>>> reason until we adjusted the packages installed)
>>> but having 95 packages in one bundle and taking an hour just to
>>> rebuild the pdfs to make a ctan upload every time you touch any of
>>> them was making the collection painful to maintain.
>>> (the time could be reduced using a faster machine or more parallelism
>>> or other strategies, but the administrative complexity of maintaining
>>> the whole thing as one interlinked bundle would remain)
>>> David

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