`nahuatl` package not in TeX Live

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Dec 19 22:52:48 CET 2021

    is there any reason for TeX Live to not provide the `nahuatl` package :

Yes. The main one is that the author used the filename "U.mf", which is
not something I can install in the runtime; it needs to be (for example)
nahuatl-U.mf. Also, all the other .mf source files are missing.
Also, capitalization appears random. Among other minor things.

I wrote the author about these things when the package first appeared,
in October, and he said:
  There's [also] an issue about the MF of the gliphs ...
  I hope in the near future to upload a better versión 0.2

If you're interested, I suggest writing him to check the status and
encourage him to finish/release a usable version. -k

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