Missing dependencies for package `forest`, `environ`

G. Cassian Alexandru g.cassian.alexandru at posteo.eu
Mon Jan 11 00:37:45 CET 2021

Missed one, `tikz` (so pgf).

And `environ`, one of its dependencies, has an undeclared dependency on

Maybe it would be an idea to go through the ctan database some time and
just find all uses of `RequirePackage` to semi-automatically improve
this situation?

On 1/11/21 12:25 AM, G. Cassian Alexandru wrote:
> Hi,
> it seems that `forest` is has undeclared dependencies. Judging from
> https://github.com/sasozivanovic/forest/blob/master/forest.dtx, they
> seem to be:
> pgfopts, etoolbox, environ, xparse, and inlinedef.
> Cheers, Cassian
> PS: Just checking, this _is_ the right way to go about this, no? I would
> also happily submit a pull request or similar when I encounter issues
> like this in the future. (I am a bit obsessed with project specific,
> minimal tex installations (using `nix`), so I encounter these kind of
> issues quite frequently).

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