Naming the ARM(64) binaries for Windows AND Mac OS [was: Naming the ARM(64) binaries for Windows]

Richard Koch koch at
Thu Jan 14 14:40:19 CET 2021


Interesting message. You wrote "what currently makes the naming discussion less urgent for
Mac OS is that rosetta and universal binaries will (or already do) cover most use cases. This means that x86_64-darwin will be deprecated in favour of pulling MacTeX universal binaries?"

Yes. I ran into this making a very preliminary version of MacTeX-2021. In my build system for that package, the phrase "aarch64-apple-darwin20.2.0" appears in only one line of one script and promptly vanishes as arm and intel binaries are combined to form universal-darwin. 

The only people likely to run into the phrase are users who insist on compiling their own binaries from source. I conjecture that in the end they will create a symbolic link to those binaries. Maybe you and I and Mojca are the only folks who will ever notice.


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