Downdating TeX Live

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Wed Jan 27 15:41:40 CET 2021

Norbert Preining wrote:

> You do have backups, right, the ones made by tlmgr? So
> 	tlmgr restore
> should help.
> If not, try the tlnet archive which I host on my server,

Yes, I have backups, Norbert, but does TLMGR not keep only the most 
recent ?  Because before today's update I was running a version of 
"xdvipdfmx" /older/ than Tim's, so if I do a "tlmgr restore" will that 
not simply restore the /status ante bellum/ ?  It does not seem possible 
to me that it could restore a version of the program that I never installed.

Looking at "", it would seem that the file that I require is :


and downloading and extracting it, then trying ".\dvipdfmx --v" does 
indeed report

  * This is dvipdfmx Version 20201111 by the DVIPDFMx project team

so how do I go about asking TLMGR to install ?from? that .tar.xz file ?

** Phil.
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