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Mon Jul 5 23:39:14 CEST 2021

Just a question out of sheer curiosity, after Hans Hagen's new article about LuaMetaTeX in the latest TUGboat 42(1), following his earlier article about LMTX in TUGboat 40(1).

If I understood things correctly, LuaMetaTeX is a general-purpose TeX engine (version 2 of LuaTeX), and LMTX is the new version of ConTeXt based on it. So I was wondering, is the integration of LuaMetaTeX planned in TeX Live at some point?

I just had a quick look. There are downloads at <>, containing install scripts which download all required components and compile formats so that you end up with a working ConTeXt setup.

But nothing is said about whether LuaMetaTeX could run plain TeX or even LaTeX, and if so how. LuaMetaTeX binaries can be downloaded from

One can then attempt to create formats, not using fmtutil

fmtutil: running `luametatex -ini   -jobname=luametatex -progname=luametatex luatex.ini' ...
startup error : no format file given, quitting

apparently because fmtutil uses -ini while luametatex seems to only recognize --ini

% luametatex -ini luatex.ini 
startup error : no format file given, quitting

% luametatex --ini luatex.ini
startup error : missing find_log_file callback

But then some initializations seem to be missing (find_log_file is new in LuaMetaTeX, wasn't in LuaTeX 1), of the type done possibly in temf-dist/tex/luatex/lualibs, and this is no small endeavour.

So I was just wondering, again out of sheer curiosity, is such work planned in TeX Live at some point?

Bruno Voisin

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