circular dependency when building LaTeX?

Norbert Preining norbert at
Tue Jul 6 21:36:45 CEST 2021

Hi Thiago,

> This is great to know, and surprising to me. Unfortunately it’s hard to 

Why is it surprising? Consider it something like a rolling release with
daily updates. I know it is somehow a pain for packagers, but one can
work around that.

> update TeX Live very often in Guix, because each time that happens it 
> causes thousands of packages to be rebuilt. Guix has been updating TeX Live 

Well, that is indeed a pain, I agree. OTOH, it is a *great* CI testing
for *us* ;-) Honestly, I see that this is a problem, but none that we
can fix on our side, right?

> Guix uses the texlive-<date>-source tarball for the Build/ part, if I 
> understand things correctly. Maybe it would be an improvement to get it 
> from a more recent Subversion tag instead. I’ll experiment with it.

I am not sure whether guix allows for something like patches to the
sources. We hardly do updates to the binary sources of the released
branch over the year, only for really critical fixes (like the recent
one for pdftex). So you could also fetch only the diffs and apply them
to the source tarball you have.

All the best


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