pdflatex does not work on win after todays update but does on linux

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 15:02:56 CEST 2021

Yes, it is a prompt showing that U:\texlive\bin\win32 is the current
directory. There is a big difference between Windows and UNIX. UNIX
systems will not run a program from a current directory unless its
path is specified, it will always search PATH. This means that
pdflatexh will not work unless TL is properly installed. On the
contrary, in Windows the programs in the curent directory are prefered
to the programs in PATH, thus having pdflatex.exe in the current
directory Windows will invoke it even if TL is not installed properly.
In this case, if U:\texlive is the samba share, U:\texlive\bin\win32
must be added to PATH in System/Environment and must be callable
without the full path from any directory (I would always "cd" to the
directory of the document in order to make the command line shorter
and simpler).

Zdeněk Wagner

út 8. 6. 2021 v 14:42 odesílatel Philip Taylor
<P.Taylor at hellenic-institute.uk> napsal:
> Lars Madsen wrote:
> why are you giving the full path to pdflatex? aren't your TeXlive correctly installed
> I don't think that he is, Lars (and it should not matter if he does) — in the original screenshot, "U:\texlive\bin\win32" is a prompt, not something typed.  Of course, where the PDF file is intended to end up is somewhat moot,  but empirically it would appear that it will end up in O:\schule\unterricht\ if a PDF is actually generated.
> --
> Philip Taylor

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