pdflatex does not work on win after todays update but does on linux

Andreas Hirsch cursus.publicus at sacrumromanumimperium.org
Fri Jun 11 14:56:32 CEST 2021

Hi Siep,

Siep Kroonenberg schrieb am 11.06.2021 um 11:02:

> A couple of messages in the event viewer:
> svchost (1016,D,23) SRUJet: The database page read from the file
> "C:\Windows\system32\SRU\SRUDB.dat" at offset 1409024
> (0x0000000000158000) (database page 343 (0x157)) for 4096
> (0x00001000) bytes failed verification due to a persisted lost flush
> detection timestamp mismatch. The read operation will fail with
> error -1119 (0xfffffba1).  The flush state on database page 343
> (0x157) was 2 while the flush state on flush map page 0 (0x0) was 3.
> If this condition persists, restore the database from a previous
> backup. This problem is likely due to faulty hardware. Please
> contact your hardware vendor for further assistance diagnosing the
> problem.
> svchost (1016,D,0) SRUJet: A bad page link (error -338) has been
> detected in a B-Tree (ObjectId: 12, PgnoRoot: 47) of database
> C:\Windows\system32\SRU\SRUDB.dat (47 => 343, 0).  Tag:
> BtMergeParentMismatchLast
> Error IDs were resp. 544 and 447. Screenshot attached.
Scanning my eventviewer, I did not get any hint to srudb.dat

I only get the appcrash for pdflatex.exe caused by pdftex.dll
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