Idea: Git as basis for future CTAN and TeX Live. (Discuss here or at tomorrow's TeX Hour)

Patrick std300 at
Mon Jun 28 08:41:03 CEST 2021

Am Mo., 28. Juni 2021 um 02:01 Uhr schrieb Norbert Preining
<norbert at>:

> That is what I am doing currently, and it is not that bad if you exclude
> all the archives from git. My gitignore contains entries to ignore
>         tar, zip, pkg, cab, jar, dmg, rpm, deb, tgz, iso, exe, cab
> all *.$i and *.$i.*

I think I should have done that, too.

I was also surprised how well git performs at the beginning (disk
space used and performance wise)

> But I stopped actually using it since the one-commit-per-day is not
> really useful. If at some point we could arrange for
> one-commit-per-package-update etc that would be very useful indeed.

I did the once per day to have a real snapshot of every single day in
the past. And since git only stores references of the files if the
files are unchanged, I didn't see daily commits as a problem.

Good luck! I'd really like to see the idea come to a real application.


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