Concerning problems with updates from mirror.ctan

Karl Berry karl at
Sun May 2 00:11:37 CEST 2021

Hi Robert,

    However, when accessing the link, tlmgr explicitly calls
    wget, not curl:

Ah yes, I forgot that the initial resolution of to some
actual mirror requires special arguments and parsing of the output, so
we can't support arbitrary downloaders there.

However, Norbert just cooked up a function to support curl for this
purpose, and we changed the resolution to prefer using curl to wget.

The change (in will be in tlcritical after tonight's
build. It would be nice if you and/or anyone else could test this,
especially on Macs, since that is where it's most likely to make a
difference (and where it's easiest to specifying using tlcritical).

If there's some kind of confirmation, or after a while, I'll push it out
to the live repository. --thanks, karl.

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