Install fails due to errors in temp directory

Siep Kroonenberg siepo at
Tue May 4 17:30:02 CEST 2021

On Tue, May 04, 2021 at 05:09:59PM +0200, Uwe Siart wrote:
> Even a third attempt to install TL on a Win10 machine failed because I
> keep getting errors of that kind:
> --- from install-tl.log ---
> Installing [1168/4168, time/total: 40:38/02:31:27]: easybook [729k]
> TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove: checksums differ for C:\Users\siart\AppData\Local\Temp\isGcN_ZygU\KzgDREODqS/easybook.tar.xz:
> TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove:   tlchecksum=336079c50a5def89f69d36f5ad8028de23c1786015cc538d687cbaea16be6ee39cffd28de1de2fa414d1956c6fbe262a0a7820b9c1d4ee0713f6d9bf3e2142f6, arg=083d39399aa79f7989b78cee64fa7d90249efa39e8f4201ce4aeb28fd674b3bfc6a5acf222beec50d11638c70cf505f16df4d5330475baba68e55a210c017fff
> TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove: backtrace:
>  -> E:/org/incoming/install-tl-20210504/tlpkg/TeXLive/ TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove
>  -> E:/org/incoming/install-tl-20210504/tlpkg/TeXLive/ TeXLive::TLUtils::unpack
>  -> E:/org/incoming/install-tl-20210504/tlpkg/TeXLive/ TeXLive::TLPDB::_install_data
>  -> E:/org/incoming/install-tl-20210504/tlpkg/TeXLive/ TeXLive::TLPDB::not_virtual_install_package
>  -> E:/org/incoming/install-tl-20210504/install-tl:700: main::do_installation
> TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove:   removing C:\Users\siart\AppData\Local\Temp\isGcN_ZygU\2j3EFdG5Sk/easybook.tar.xz, but saving copy in C:\Users\siart\AppData\Local\Temp\F2MTLbLyY0
> TLPDB::_install_data: downloading did not succeed (check_file_and_remove failed) for
> Installation failed.
> Rerunning the installer will try to restart the installation.
> Or you can restart by running the installer with:
>   install-tl-windows.bat --profile installation.profile [YOUR-EXTRA-ARGS]
> or
>   install-tl-advanced.bat --profile installation.profile [YOUR-EXTRA-ARGS]
> ---------------------------

This may be `version skew': a checksum listed in the downloaded
database may be outdated by the time a particular package is
actually downloaded.

Just try again. You could this time also first go to Advanced mode
and then select a smaller scheme; you can always install additional
packages later.

Siep Kroonenberg

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