Cannot load TeX Live database from file:// location

Vincenzo Mantova vlmantova at
Wed May 5 21:41:31 CEST 2021


I may have hit a bug in tlmgr. As it is, when I try reading a remote
repository in a file:// url, or just a local folder really, for instance

  tlmgr --repository file://${repo} dump-tlpdb --remote

I get `Cannot load TeX Live database`.

>From what I can tell, download_file in is ignoring the file name
in the $dest argument, and that breaks file:// urls, at least in the way I
am using them. Indeed, it all works as I'd expect if I replace

  copy ($filetoopen, $par)


  copy ("-f", $filetoopen, $dest)


Does that make sense?

Vincenzo Mantova
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