Install fails due to errors in temp directory

Karl Berry karl at
Thu May 6 20:28:05 CEST 2021

    That's odd. It looks like there's a difference between the installer
    (failed) and a post-install call of tlmgr in order to install missing
    packages (worked).

Differing behavior of install-tl and tlmgr seems quite possible to me.

I speculate that it is somehow related to the recent https-only
resolution of now, and/or https downloads. E.g.,
texlive.tlpdb is being retrieved from one mirror but then the actual
package downloads happen from another, which is not in sync. This would
cause the problems you're seeing. (E.g., easybook changes nearly every day.)

For debugging, what would be most helpful is if you can find a
reproducible path that causes the problem. In this case, reproducible
would include specifying a particular mirror with -repository, since the
results of are by definition unreproducible.

We've made a few changes in this regard in tlcritical, not yet pushed
out to tlnet. If you can try using tlcritical for testing, that would be
helpful. Otherwise I guess I'll push the changes to tlnet anyway (after

One of the changes was to add more debugging of the mirror resolution.
So using install-tl -vv or tlmgr -vv would be helpful. There will be a
lot of output.


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