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Simon Kramer simon.kramer at
Mon May 10 15:20:28 CEST 2021

Hi Karl

>        Then, may I further ask how to ensure the inclusion of
> 	all font information in TEX-created PDF-files?
> It depends on what you mean.
> By default, all fonts are downloaded/embedded in PDF/PS output (as
> opposed to merely referenced), as specified by the *DownloadBase options
> in updmap.cfg. The embedded font is subsetted to only the used
> characters (more or less).

	Thank you for your confirmation - good to have it!

> If you mean avoid this subsetting (why?), there's no way to do that at
> the TeX level, or via TL configuration. You'd have to edit
> and other files to use "<<" instead of "<". See the pdftex
> documentation. (I have not tried it myself.)

	I think there are legal reasons for proper subsetting,
	as complete inclusion risks infringing font copyright.

> If you mean ensuring that fonts in included pdf graphics are copied into
> the output pdf, set \pdfinclusioncopyfonts=1 with pdftex (different
> methods in other engines, but I think/hope the functionality is
> available in everything that generates pdf).

	Thank you, I didn't know - very useful !

Many thanks and best regards,

	-- Simon
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