Simon Kramer simon.kramer at bluewin.ch
Tue May 11 07:56:14 CEST 2021

> SK> 	Thank you, good to know about tikz as I also use it!
> To avoid misunderstanding: I doubt one can easily exceed pdftex limits
> with *manually written* tikz code.


>  Tikzdevice is a package that
> converts R plots into tikz - something useful if you want the textual
> parts of the plot to match your body text.

	Thanks for pointing it out.

>  Of course such tikz code
> can contain thousands tikz commands for rendering lines and dots, so
> pdftex can be stymied.


> By the way, to set this in R, one can use the line
> options(tikzDefaultEngine='luatex')

	Thanks - very useful!

	So far, I have mostly used tikz through extremely useful pgfplots
	(automatically-generated program performance graphs, ex. attached).


	-- Simon

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