SVN: trunk kpse still in 2020

Johannes Hielscher jhielscher at
Thu May 13 00:33:15 CEST 2021


suppose I have the SVN trunk /somewhere and I have added
to my ~/.bashrc . So I can access the current trunk state of TeXLive
without installing it.

I know that this is severe abuse of the SVN structure, and a slight
insult to the people who are putting a lot of hard work into getting
tlmgr work so pretty as it does (-:

Accordingly, during format creation, fmtutil rightfully crazes out and
reminds me that I'll have to use fmtutil-user instead of fmtutil-sys.
Blah blah, yes I know.

Now my question: I was wondering why TeXLive *2021* still stores its
formats, logs, etc. to ~/.texlive2020/ ? All the `kpsepath` entries
refer to 2020 (no TL2020 hysteresis possible, I noticed this on a
freshly installed machine).
TL2021, when regularly installed via tlmgr, refers to ~/.texlive2021/
as expected.

Nothing is broken, it's just that this lazy trick just worked on
the version bumps of the previous years (as if I had reinstalled TL
via tlmgr), but this year there was no version increase (yet?).


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