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Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Wed May 19 06:29:16 CEST 2021

Hi Michal,

thanks for your interesting email!

> While at the topic. I seem to have noted in the previous version of the
> script, that the handling of synonyms was weird at the very least (the
> comment "synonyms in language.def ???" in TLPOBJ.pm seems to agree). As
> far as I remember the current handling of synonyms in "language.def"
> means, that for all eTeX engines (except LuaTeX) the same set of
> hyphenation patterns is preloaded multiple times.

Yes, as far as I remember that is the only option possible to support

> Another weird thing about synonyms is that while they are handled
> correctly when coming from packages (generated by the mentioned
> procedures), the US English synonyms (e.g. "american") are defined only
> in "language.us.lua" and not in "language.us" nor "language.us.def".
> This means that "\uselanguage{american}" can't currently work in pdfTeX
> and XeTeX.

That sounds very much like an oversight from us, mostly due to the fact
that the US English language is treated differently (via the header).

> In LuaTeX, these US English synonyms also don't work. While
> "luatex-hyphen.lua" (loaded by "etex.src") supports synonyms, it doesn't
> even have the chance to do so, because "etex.src" (special LuaTeX
> version) requires the synonym to be defined in "language.def".

I guess I have to take a look at all this again to fix it.

> (Not that any of this really matters, because nobody seemed to have
> noticed.)

But still, thanks a lot for pointing it out!!

Best regards


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