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Hi Philip,

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> More information needed, I feel.

I have already done the character-to-number conversion, so what exactly was
converted isn't a necessary part. The chain is something like this:

cleartext.tex → [character-to-number conversion] → ciphertext.tex → [xor
through keytext.tex] → codetext.tex

So, I have ciphertext.tex and keytext.tex, and want a script that can take
those two and produce codetext.tex (and then, if needed, take codetext.tex
and keytext.tex to produce a file identical to ciphertext.tex). For what
it's worth, the character-to-number conversion also converted numbers, some
punctuation, and certain TeX tags (like \textemdash gets its own number, as
do "startquote" and "endquote"). But \footnote is left in place, which
means they and other tags have to be ignored.

In short, the script should *only* operate on two-digit numbers in the file
sequentially, running an xor operation on each one in turn with the
two-digit number in the corresponding position in keytext.tex.

Does that help clarify what I'm trying to do?

Thanks for the help,

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