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Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at
Wed May 19 11:38:50 CEST 2021

Hi Andrew

You wrote

I have a somewhat obscure task I'd like the help of a programmer to
> accomplish:
> I have a TeX document in which each character has been converted to one of
> 52 two-digit numbers (so, 01 through 52). I have a corresponding keytext
> document, also a TeX file, with 50,000 two-digit numbers in the same range
> derived from a random source. This latter is my one-time pad.
> I would like to run xor(mod 52) on the first document through the second,
> to obtain a third document that is thus properly encrypted. However, since
> these are TeX documents there are tags, markups, footnotes, citation links,
> etc. still in the document.

I think it would be better for you to take the question somewhere else,
perhaps a Python forum if Python is your preferred language. You might also
try Stack Overflow.

This is the tex-live list, whose topic is TeX Live development and testing.
There's advice on the TeX Live lists at

Finally, thank you for being a tex-live subscriber and good luck with
solving your problem.

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