MacTex - Issue after install update

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at
Wed May 26 15:47:19 CEST 2021

Zhihao Ma asks about deleting the 2020 directory after installing TeX
Live 2021.

Yes, you can certainly do that if disk space is tight; the trees for
annual releases are completely independent.

I keep them online here on our systems for every year back to 2003,
because we sometimes have documents that rely on particular package
features for a certain year that were changed in later years.

Most single users with personal computers are unlikely to have
documents with such dependencies.

I you have enough disk space, I would, however, suggest that you keep
the old version around for a few weeks or months, until you are
confident that your own documents typeset as expected with the new

If your filesystem supports compression (Windows 10 does), then you
can turn on that feature: it typically reduces disk space by a factor
of at least two to three for text files, and sometimes much more.
Binary files, like the executables in the bin/* directories, likely
won't compress as much.

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