TeX Hour: Thu 27 May: Understand + refactor TeX Live: more flexible + agile

Martin Sievers martin at dante.de
Thu May 27 15:28:16 CEST 2021

Am 27.05.21 um 15:13 schrieb Jonathan Fine:
> Here's some stats on disk usage on the TeX Collection DVD, from 2010 to 
> 2020.

Dear Jonathan,

thank you for the interesting stats. Let's see, what 2021 brings. I got 
my DVD just yesterday.

When comparing the data please keep in mind, that the space limits of a 
double layer DVD always had an impact on the TeX Collection. Some years 
ago Karl Berry and Manfred Lotz started to "optimize" the collection by 
getting rid of redundant stuff, not so prominent TeX engines etc. 
Starting with TeX Collection 2020 Klaus Höppner built a special 
(smaller) MiKTeX tree which is used for ProTeXt instead of the full 
installation. That brought quite a bit of extra space, which is 
necessary to cover the increasing CTAN/TEX Live part for some more years.

Best regards,

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