Google search says only 4 messages posted to this list so far in 2021

Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at
Mon May 31 15:37:08 CEST 2021

Note: In response to a message Philip sent me off-list.

Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at> wrote:

> Well, I see 30 pages of results, each containing around 10 messages, so to
> my mind that would suggest 300 or so messages rather than ten ...

Well, I am puzzled. Are you sure? My URL is,cd_min:2021

For me today it gives 9 results (perhaps I miscounted yesterday to get 10).
Note that my search results page says "1 Jan 2021 - Today" just before the
first result. And no sign of further pages in the footer.

If I modify the search to remove that, but keep the same site restriction,
I get "Page 22 of about 6,810 results (0.46 seconds)".

Please Philip, would you check (1) that you're using the same URL, and (2)
that the results page says "1 Jan 2021 - Today", and (3) all the results
are from this year (as mentioned in the subject line).

-- Jonathan

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