Google search says only 4 messages posted to this list so far in 2021

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Mon May 31 21:22:05 CEST 2021

Jonathan Fine wrote:

> Hi Philip
> I have claimed that Google search says only 4 (now 9 or 10) messages 
> have been posted to this list so far in 2021. That is the main point 
> of this thread. You've not provided any evidence that contradicts that 
> statement.
> Although off-topic, I made an effort to allow you to reproduce my 
> investigation. Thank you for your apology, for not following my 
> instructions. You are still not following my instructions. You've not 
> put the 'site:' prefix in the URL.

Ah, so where you wrote « 1. In Google search 
for site: » , you meant « 1. In Google 
search for "site:" 
<> ».  As I am not a mind-reader, I 
failed to understand your instructions.

> You use seamonkey. It's not a browser I use, and I don't provide 
> technical support for it.

Jonathan, let me be blunt.  If I were seeking support, for Seamonkey or 
for anything else, you are the very /last/ person to whom I would turn.

> This thread is about whether Google has adequately indexed the 
> messages on this list.
> Until you are able to do a google search for a specific site and 
> specific time range, you will find it hard or impossible to reproduce 
> my search. I suspect you have a problem due to a combination of using 
> seamonkey and URL scrambling in your mail system.
> I'm not responsible for supporting you to fix those problems.

See above.

> If you or anyone else has evidence that Google search knows about more 
> than 10 messages posted to this list so far in 2021, I'd like to see it.

Any possible interest that I once had in helping you in this task has 
long since vanished.  Goodbye, hopefully for ever.
/Philip Taylor/

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