Problems with Windows and TeXLive 2021

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Sun Sep 19 13:41:38 CEST 2021

ne 19. 9. 2021 v 12:49 odesílatel Philip Taylor
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> Jason Stahlecker wrote:
> Dear Mr. Taylor,
> thank you for your quick response! I am sorry for forgetting to mention this, I am using  Windows 10 (Build: 19041.1165) on a AMD Ryzen 5 3600. I have already looked to uninstall it via windows, as you suggested, but it does not appear in that window. I also did not find an uninstaller in the texlive folder (C:\texlive). It does not seem right to simply delete that folder. Is there any other way to safetly remove it? Thank you for your help!
> Best,
> Jason
> Well, to the best of my belief TeX Live makes only minimal changes to the system, modifying the path and possibly changing some file associations.  You can easily check whether TeX Live 2021 has been added to your (or the system) path, and remove it therefrom, and you can check and modify file associations using (e.g.,) "assoc".  Once you have undone anything necessary, you can then safely delete the entire TeX Live file hierarchy.

although I am not a Windows user, I am quite sure that the system is
quite clever. If you just delete the C:\texlive tree and do not modify
the PATH, the system will silently skip noexistent directories when
searching PATH. It will slow down the search but the difference will
be less than a milisecond, you will not notice. If you double-click to
a file which used to be associated to a program which no longer
exists, Windows will ask what to do and you can change the association
temporarily or permanently. Thus even if you forget changing PATH and
associations prior to deletion, nothing critical happens.

> TeX Live developers cc'd for comment.
> --
> Philip Taylor
Zdeněk Wagner

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