TUG 2009 - Program & participants

Please register online for the conference. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments.

Preprints of full papers are posted online, where available, as well as all abstracts as a PDF, plus conference information. This will also be handed out at the conference. (Deadline for receipt of final papers for the TUGboat proceedings is August 15.)

The scheduled program follows (also available in PDF format).

Tuesday, July 28 - Workshops

9amtrack 1 Sue DeMeritt and
Cheryl Ponchin
Introductory and intermediate LaTeX
9amtrack 2 Boris Veytsman Colors and graphics in LaTeX
10:45amtrack 1   LaTeX continues
track 2 Boris Veytsman PStricks
1:30pmtrack 1   LaTeX continues
1:30pmtrack 2 Karl Berry TeX Live 2009 news and open discussion
3:15pmtrack 1   LaTeX concludes
3:15pmtrack 2 Jim Hefferon CTAN news and open discussion (Karl and Jim may not need their whole time, or take turns, or …)
4:30pm(workshops end)
5-7pmreception Morris Inn / Irish Courtyard

Wednesday, July 29

8:30amKarl Berry Opening
8:45amRoss Moore Towards tagged PDF
9:25amKaveh Bazargan TeX as an ebook reader
10:20amAndrew Mertz and William Slough A TikZ tutorial: Generating graphics in the spirit of TeX
11:00amKlaus Höppner Introduction to MetaPost
11:40amJim Hefferon Gyre Fonts for the easily confused
1:30pmAditya Mahajan LuaTeX: A user's perspective
2:10pmArthur Reutenauer LuaTeX for the LaTeX user
3:05pmFrank Quinn EduTeX: A source format for self-scoring tests
3:30pmJin-Hwan Cho Extended DVI formats and DVIasm
4:10pmNelson Beebe BibTeX meets relational databases

Thursday, July 30

8:45amBoris Veytsman Class writing for wizard apprentices
9:25amKarl Berry and David Walden TeX People: The TUG interviews project and book
10:20amDavid Walden Self-publishing: experiences and opinions
11:00amPaulo Ney de Souza The MSP TeX production system: restoration of TUGboat
11:40amIdris Hamid Arabic typography: Past, present, and TeX
1:30pmHans Hagen The LuaTeX Project: halfway to version 1
2:10pmAditya Mahajan ConTeXt math: Integrating Unicode and OpenType
3:05pmHans Hagen Plain TeX and OpenType
3:45pmIdris Hamid Dynamic Arabic: Towards the philosopher's stone of Arabic-script typography
4:25pmq&a; TUG meeting
7pmbanquet Morris Inn / Donors Room

Friday, July 31

8:45amBob Neveln and Bob Alps Writing and checking complete proofs in LaTeX
9:25amMorten Høgholm Next steps for breqn
10:20amBoris Veytsman and Leila Akhmadeeva Medical pedigrees: typography and interface
11:00amTim Arnold Getting started with plasTeX
11:40amChris Rowley Standards for LaTeX documents and processors
1:30pmMorten Høgholm Consolidation of expl3
2:10pmChris Rowley TeX-free LaTeX, an overview
2:50pmHans Hagen Why I still use TeX


  1. Leyla Akhmadeeva, Bashkir State Medical University
  2. Bob Alps, Towers Perrin
  3. Tim Arnold, SAS Institute
  4. Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley Technologies
  5. Nelson Beebe, University of Utah
  6. Barbara Beeton, American Mathematical Society
  7. Karl Berry, TeX Users Group
  8. Jin-Hwan Cho, University of Suwon
  9. Peter Cholak, Mathematics, University of Notre Dame
  10. Dennis Claudio, Superior Court (Alameda County)
  11. Jennifer Claudio, St. Lawrence Academy
  12. Paulo Ney de Souza, Mathematical Sciences Publishers
  13. Sue DeMeritt, Center for Communications Research, La Jolla, CA
  14. Dorothy DiFranco, American Physical Society
  15. Terri Fizer, Duke University Press
  16. Steve Grathwohl, Duke University Press
  17. Hans Hagen, Pragma ADE
  18. Michele Hake, American Physical Society
  19. Idris Hamid, Colorado State University
  20. Jim Hefferon, St. Michael's College
  21. Morten Høgholm, LaTeX Project and Technical University of Denmark
  22. Klaus Höppner, DANTE e.V.
  23. Ned Hummel, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  24. Mirko Janc, INFORMS
  25. Jonathan Kew, Mozilla Corporation
  26. Dick Koch, University of Oregon
  27. Martha Kummerer, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
  28. Aditya Mahajan, University of Michigan
  29. Andrew Mertz, Eastern Illinois University
  30. Ross Moore, Macquarie University
  31. Bob Neveln, Widener University
  32. Lynn Newton, Interhack Corp.
  33. Cheryl Ponchin, Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  34. Gianluca Puliti, University of Notre Dame
  35. Frank Quinn, Virginia Tech
  36. Arthur Reutenauer, GUTenberg
  37. Chris Rowley, Open University
  38. Herbert Schulz, College of DuPage (retired)
  39. William Slough, Eastern Illinois University
  40. Boris Veytsman, George Mason University
  41. David Walden, E. Sandwich, MA
  42. Alan Wetmore, US Army

Workshop participants:

  1. Mehrdad Aliasgari, University of Notre Dame
  2. Jason Bray, University of Notre Dame
  3. John Harig, West Michigan Linux Users' Group
  4. Joseph Herzog, University of Notre Dame
  5. Shari Hill, Notre Dame Graduate School
  6. Jing Huang, University of Notre Dame
  7. Judy Hygema, University of Notre Dame
  8. Brenda Jackson, University of Notre Dame
  9. Matthew Jobbins, University of Notre Dame
  10. Natalie Kautz, University of Notre Dame
  11. Dave Kopp, University of Notre Dame
  12. Yuanyuan Liu, University of Notre Dame
  13. Dorrell McCalman, University of Notre Dame
  14. Aaron Segal, University of Notre Dame
  15. Jeff Snapper, University of Notre Dame
  16. Hao Wenrui, University of Notre Dame

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